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Atty. Hagay Ben-Shoshan


A member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2004.

LL.B . & BA in Business Administration, from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

Atty. Ben-Shosan expertise is in economic law (focusing on economic offenses), including Securities Laws, Income Tax Ordinance, VAT laws, Customs Ordinance and Prohibition on Money Laundering Laws, as well as environment laws including complex litigation in this filed.

In addition,Atty. Ben-Shoshan conducts litigation, in fields related with the Freedom of Information Law, and business licensing.

Atty. Ben-Shoshan was an intern at the Taxation and Economy Department of the Tel Aviv District Attorney Office and subsequently worked as an independent attorney until joining the firm in 2011.

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Atty. Hagay Ben-Shoshan
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