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Atty. Moshe Bachar


A member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1981.

LL.B. from Tel Aviv University.

Atty. Bachar has been a senior partner at the firm since 1984 and as of 2000 also serves as a notary.

Atty. Bachar's main expertise lies in real estate with an emphasis on the municipal and agriculture sectors, real estate taxation, including municipal taxation and construction and development levies. Atty. Bachar sees through real estate and infrastructure projects from outset to their finish, including combination projects, acquisition groups, joint ownership agreements, National Outline Plan 38 and evacuation-building (starting from Urban Building and zoning plan changes to accompanying agreements with contractors and entrepreneurs to drafting agreements with buyers and registering the units in the buyer’s name).

Atty. Bachar has extensive experience in representing nationwide companies and organizations in the field of real estate taxation and reducing municipal tax rates.

Atty. Bachar provides ongoing consultation on commercial issues as investment agreements, conducts merges and acquisitions, assists parties in reaching agreements, cooperation agreements, distribution agreements, agency and franchise agreements, as well as providing ongoing counsel to companies regarding all aspects of their business operations.

Atty. Bachar serves as a Judge on the Israeli Bar Association's Tel Aviv and Central District Disciplinary Tribunal.

In addition to English, Atty. Bachar is fluent in French and Spanish.

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