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Atty. Shiri Zur Galon


A member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2006.

LL.B. from Tel Aviv University.

Starting her professional duties as an intern in the firm, Atty. Galon has worked as an attorney in the office since 2006. In 2011 she became an associate.

Atty. Galon's expertise is in commercial-civil litigation. She provides legal consultation and guidance to commercial and private clients from Israel and abroad on a wide range of legal issues, including Corporate and Security Law, Real Estate Law, Administrative Law, Labor Law, Tenders Law, liquidations and receiverships, slander suits, banking and insurance, Communications Law and the Internet. Atty. Galon represents clients in the various instances in suits, petitions, arbitrations, mediation proceedings and settlements of complex commercial-civil disputes.

Atty. Galon provides varied legal consultation and guidance to companies and investors; the services involve negotiating large-scope transactions including licensing and sale transactions of intellectual property and various cooperation agreements. Atty. Galon specializes in the enforcement of copyright and intellectual property rights, and took an active part in the legislation of the Copyright Law 5767-2007 discussed by the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee.

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Atty. Shiri Zur Galon
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