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Talya Woolf

Talya Woolf

A member of the Michigan Bar Association since 2006 and the Federal Eastern District of Michigan since 2008, Talya A. Woolf holds a J.D. from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.
Before joining Guy, Bachar & Co, Talya was an associate and solo practitioner for eight years, focusing on litigation, contract law, and real estate issues between companies, banks, and individuals.


Talya has worked as an American attorney in our office since 2018 and has expertise in all aspects of the litigation process, including actions before and after trial.
Talya is involved in a broad range of matters regarding intellectual property and drafts a variety of legal documents relating to trademarks, patents, and infringers of same. 
Talya has experience in the field of international corporate law, arbitration, and litigation funding. She collaborates regularly with co-counsel in Israel and abroad and provides legal counsel to Israel-based companies.


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