Personal & Family Law


Ephrati & Co. Law Office has over twenty years of experience in handling large and complex cases in the field of personal and family law, including financial agreements, divorce cases, custody, alimony, property, wills, inheritance and domestic violence. In addition, the Office has a department that handles collection cases and representation of debtors and creditors, bank claims, bankruptcy and receivership and litigation. In her role as mediator, Adv. Ephrati is listed among the courts mediators list and conducts family and business mediations and arbitrations.

Adv. Ephrati is also a certified notary under the laws of Israel.

Clients of the Law Office include thousands of satisfied private clients in the past and present, leading companies in Israel including investors, contractors, commercial and non-profit organizations, fashion companies, colleges and more.

The Law Office includes lawyers, interns, and jurists who are multi-disciplinary in their capabilities and provide a high level of care. The customer's needs and satisfaction are a supreme, central, and important value to the firm.

Ephrati & Co. is committed to providing personal, professional, efficient, and courteous service in addition to obtaining a high success rates in cases.

The firm provides service both in Hebrew and English.

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