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Atty. Barry Schreiber

Atty. Barry Schreiber

Affiliate in California, U.S.A

Barry Schreiber has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1998 and the Florida Bar since 1971.

Atty. Schreiber is “Of Counsel” and based in Los Angeles, California.

Atty. Schreiber specializes in international business transactions, including M&A, buyouts, sales and general corporate investment banking.

Atty. Schreiber is a FINRA registered investment banker, as well as a producer/financier in the independent film industry. Atty. Schreiber is a partner in a personal management company in Los Angeles.

Atty. Schreiber brings extensive proficiency in real world business experience to the corporate and governmental sectors. He has a profound, insightful and intuitive understanding of the private/public sector relationship. Aside from the practice of law, Atty. Schreiber offers a background in finance (investment banking, commercial banking, corporate finance, and wealth management/financial advice). In addition, Atty. Schreiber holds a California life and health insurance license.

Previously, Atty. Schreiber served as an elected Miami-Dade County, Florida Commissioner for fourteen years and as a political lobbyist for six years.

Atty. Schreiber is a professional mediator/arbitrator, executive business/life coach and a certified work-place mediator and trainer. Much of his experience is from being a former panelist for the National Arbitration Forum and former Municipal Court Judge Pro Tem for the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Atty. Schreiber is available for consultation on any aspects of business in the US, including legal, investment banking, IP licensing, strategic partnerships, and choosing the best geographical area for location, capital raising and marketing for your company and its needs.

In addition to the English language, Atty. Schreiber speaks fluent Hebrew.

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Atty. Schreiber's office is located at 10520 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 307, Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA.

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