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Atty. Ortal Gariani Shamir

A member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2017.

LL.B. from The College of Management Academic Studies.


Atty. Ortal Gariani Shamir has worked as an attorney in the office since 2018.


Atty. Ortal Gariani Shamir has expertise in the field of criminal law in all its aspects, as well as economic crimes and white collar.


Atty. Ortal Gariani Shamir is involved in litigation in a broad range of matters, appears before the various courts in civil litigation, Law Enforcement and Collection Authority, and enforcement of intellectual property and copyright infringement.


Atty. Ortal Gariani Shamir provides legal services to private and public companies and private clients in Israel and abroad, including: Drafting agreements with various parties, providing legal opinions on a wide range of issues, And ongoing guidance in the field of labor law.

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