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Our firm specializes in consultation regarding high-profile and complex real estate projects, including guiding contractors and construction companies in evacuation-building projects, from the first stage of development (including Urban Zoning and Building Plan changes) to later stages of building licensing. Our firm has expertise in various combination agreements including consultation concerning building contracts with contractors, drafting of agreements concerning the purchase of units, and registration of the unit(s) in the buyer’s name.

Our Attorneys have substantial experience in real estate taxation and tax planning, including land appreciation tax, municipal taxation, fees, and building and betterment duties.

We also have experience in real estate related litigation, concerning evacuation-building projects, actions for property evacuation, actions on behalf and against protected tenants in accordance with property evacuation and/or payment of rent, actions for payment of expropriation damages, and proceedings in concerning expropriation.

Our firm represents versatile clientele, both collectively and individually, in connection with commercial and residential projects, acquisition of land and apartments, actions concerning building defects, administrative petitions, and suits concerning reimbursement of construction fees and development and betterment levies collected by local councils.

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